What is ACT4?

ACT4 is a product that contains a natural compound that is effective as a disinfectant, beneficial for the body.

ACT4’s mission is to trap viruses and other germs suspended in the air in closed rooms and deactivate them, thus preventing the spread of diseases, while being environmentally friendly.

The active ingredients of ACT4 are produced by some aromatic plants such as oregano, thyme or orange as a defense mechanism against diseases and parasites. It represents a revolutionary discovery in the field of Biology due to its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-arthritic, anti-cancer properties; gastro, hepato and neuroptotective. As well as anti-oxidant, metabolic, synergistic among others

The ACT4 formula is totally safe for humans, animals and the environment.
ACT4 acts against
Fungal Spores
Small Insects

Thymol and Carvatrol, the active compounds of ACT4 are recognized by the FDA(Food and Drug administration) as GRAD( General Recognize as Safe) and are on the EPA list as minimum risk pesticides list. Which means that it can circulate in the presence of people due to its innocuosness carrying out its work when it is needed and leaving a fresh botanical aroma in the room.

To take full advantage of the spread of ACT4 in the environment, it is advisable to use high-generation ultrasonic humidifiers.


Why use it in a humidifier?

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